Menu for NIS 190


8 types of salads to choose from (center of table)

1.    Grilled eggplant, herbs and olive oil (green tahini)
2.    Greek fried eggplant – fried eggplant, peppers, pickle, onions and parsley
3.    Thin carrot stick salad, lemon cubes and hot green peppers
4.    Red beet salad – beet cubes with onion and parsley
5.    Crudités of seasonal vegetables with aioli / thousand island dips
6.    Tabbouleh– burghul with herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and pomegranate (in season)
7.    Antipasti of roasted vegetables in olive oil and balsamic vinegar of Modena
8.    Fresh finely chopped Israeli vegetable salad
9.    House pickled vegetables – carrots, colorful peppers, celery and kohlrabi
10.  Zaalouk – sliced grilled eggplant and tomatoes, with garlic and hot pepper
11.  Baked sweet potato cubes with thyme, olive oil, sweet chili and toasted sesame seeds
12.  Fried hot peppers with garlic and lemon
13.  Green and white cabbage salad with cranberries, toasted walnuts and mayonnaise
14.  Waldorf salad – apples, celery, pineapple, mayonnaise and nuts
15.  Potato salad with carrots, pickles and mayonnaise
16.  Authentic Moroccan matbucha (tomato salad)
17.  House tomato salad – fresh peeled tomatoes, onion, garlic and hot pepper
18.  Chinese salad – cabbage, carrots, celery, sprouts and green onion with hints of sesame oil and soy sauce
19.  Lettuce salad with house vinaigrette – served with the main course
20.  Green tahini
21.  Humus salad – homemade with hot chickpeas and virgin olive oil
22.  Capri salad – cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, olive and basil pesto
23.  Mushroom salad – stir-fried champignon mushrooms with Chinese sprouts, sweet chili and white wine (additional charge: NIS 5 per person)

Second course – choice of 2 for center of table or individual serving

1.    Fillet of tilapia (St. Peter's fish) baked in a stew of peppers, grape tomatoes and piquant chickpeas
2.    Juicy salmon steak oven-baked with delicate herbs
3.    Moroccan pastilla – layers of filo filled with veal, roasted almonds and cinnamon, in a red wine sauce with dried fruit
4.    Mini fish kebabs in a hot chili sauce

Choice of 3 types of hot side dishes (center of table)


1.    Rice – white rice / majadera – with lentils and herbs / cranberries / almonds

2.    Baked potatoes with olive oil, garlic and rosemary

3.    Oven-roasted root vegetables

4.    Fresh green beans stir-fried with onions and cherry tomatoes

5.    Moroccan dish – olives cooked in fresh tomato sauce

6.    Couscous with vegetables


2 types for individual serving / 5 types for center of table / 10 types at Viennese bar
Coffee, tea / soft and carbonated drinks and beer
Red / white wine – NIS 68 per bottle​

* Price per person: NIS 190 including VAT

The price does not include service

Amplifiers, lighting and projector – "Vertigo Music"

Design however- additional charge in front of the hall management

Option to attractions such as: Bar sweet, fireworks, soap bubbles, confetti and more. Plus free in front of the hall management

Main courses – center of table {choice of 2} or individual serving {choice of 2}


1.    Pullet steak roasted in a marinade of honey and thyme

2.    Roasted veal in a red wine sauce with mushrooms and root vegetables

3.    Stuffed pullet – chef's recipe

4.    Grilled eastern kebab served with green tahini

5.    Piquant meat goulash

6.    Head meat cooked with chickpeas, dried pepper and coriander

7.    Fresh chicken mini-schnitzels 

8.    Chicken drumsticks and oven-roasted dried fruit

9.    Chicken thighs in orange sauce with date honey

10.  Moussaka – eggplant filled with beef in a piquant tomato sauce

11.  Fried hake with garlic and lemon sauce

12.  Pastry filled with chicken and root vegetables

13.  Potato filled with meat in a saffron sauce with capers

14.  Meatballs in a Moroccan sauce

15.  Stuffed artichoke in mushroom sauce with celery

16.  Vegetarian eggroll in sweet chili sauce

17.  Chicken paupiettes – chicken breast filled  with veal and pine nuts